A Broken Life

A broken life

Can I tell you of my sadness 

Oh you do not want to know

I thought you were my friend 

But no

Will you my family listen to my woe

But alas you also don’t want to know 

My heart aches my sorrows 

So great

I just wish for your touch your ear to hear my pain 

Would like to feel that someone understands again

To hear a voice a human to talk to

All is lost in tech and space

So much sorrow so much pain life lost never to regain

My tears fall like rain 

Rooted in anguish-heartache leaden feet heavy heart 

Will joy return will my heart laugh once more

Can my soul rejoice 

Will my ears hear a voice

If I talk will you hear my noise

Happiness carefree life return

Chasms of horror, unspeakable acts, thoughts so dark, words of hurt, too much left unsaid

How can we correct, connect

No time left

Cells permeated with sorrow

Can happiness grow there again 

Change my brain

In a pit of darkness heart of pain

Will the light shine for me some day

My tears fall like rain 

I am in pain